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    Tagging in EPO 4.0


      We're looking into how we are going to tag our clients.
      In the tag builder wizard (systems => tag catalog => new tag => next) there is a list with computer properties that can be used to filter clients. The list also contains 4 properties named "Custom" 1-4. Does anybody know how to use these? What does the agent check with these Custom properties? Documentation is not clear about this.

        • 1. same question
          That's a good question Wiks, I have the same.
          Thank to any one have an explanation of these 4 customs.

          • 2. Clue
            Here's a clue from the release notes:

            "As requested, we have made custom fields (Custom 1-4) available for your use. However, we can only extend support for editing custom fields in SQL when done through McAfee Professional Services. "
            • 3. RE: Clue
              Well, we looked into the SQL database and found fields for them but the agent doesn't collect any data for them. After finding the little piece in the release notes as mdyer posted we are now in the process of contacting mcafee professional services.
              Looks like they can't be used without their help.
              • 4. Feedback requested

                If you don't mind, could you post the results of your conversation with McAfee professional services? Specifically I'm interested in what the capabilities of these four fields actually are (e.g. can you have professional services pick up some custom registry value or other property via the agent and store this in the database).