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    Can't get the framepkg to update the sitelist

      We had to reinstall ePO3.6.1 this week, but now our sitelist is wrong. We can't find where in the ePO that it's creating this sitelist. The FramePkg that is created keeps putting a server in the sitelist that we don't know of or ever heard of. We can push out our sitelist that works, but then every time we install an agent on a workstation, it is pointing to the wrong server to update from.

      Where is all this information kept that makes up the framepkg? Is there any sitelist on the ePO server itself? Any information to help me understand this would help. Thanks.
        • 1. Found out the issue....
          I still want to know more about the site list and where the flow of everything, but we solved our problem. We updated our Agents. We went from the 3.5.5 to 3.6.0. I know we are using older versions, but we are restricted to what is allowed on our network. I am trying to get 4.0 on there (we can't even get 8.5i virusScan yet). If you guys want more details, let me know. Thanks.
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            Please tell me how you fixed the sitelist issue. I just reloaded my ePO and now it is pushing out the incorrect sitelist. The correct version is on the server, and doing a file search reveals absolutely no files resembling the one going out.



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              I believe it's contained in the ePO folders somewhere, I've had to re-install ePO 4.0 and 4.5 multiple times and I backed up the folders they state in the KB article, and then restore them after you do the ePO re-install. I've never had that problem before.