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    Installing EPO Agent on a standalone client


      I am currently testing Epolicy to hopefully rollout across our domain. I have resolved a few issues thanks to help from members here. I have another question.

      The majority of our client PC's are domain members, however we have quite a lot of standalone PC's too, that are in their own workgroup.

      Is there any way of pushing the Agent and Console out to these using EPO without unlocking the 'Guest' account on the standalone PC's. Currently this seems to be the only way I can find of doing it. I have tried entering administrator credentials when sending the agent in the form of:

      .\administrator (for local admin)

      but without unlocking the 'Guest' account on the PC, this doesn't work.

      I am using EPO 3.6.1, AV 8.5i and Agent 3.6.0

      Any help much appreciated,

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          The FramePkg.exe for ePO managed systems is created with the Agent Installation Package Creation Wizard in the ePO console. This ePO agent has integrated domain\administration credentials. This could be the reason, why it does not work our your workgroup clients.
          Use better the Framepkg.exe (without the credentials) inside the installation directory of your ePO server:
          <epo install dir>\DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT3000\0409\Install
          Try this one locally with local admin rights on a client which shows the problem.

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            This would be OK if I had access to some of the standalone clients. However, most of them are dotted around the country so I need to be able to remotely install the EPO Agent.

            So far I have found the only way to do this is by unlocking the 'Guest' account on the local machine. I can't unlock this remotely as we don't have terminal services running, and talking someone onsite through the process is not aqn option.

            Can this be done, or would an easier option be just to send them the .exe file and ask them to run it themselves?


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              Easiest would be to send them a link to some where they can all download it from, I have the same problem and provide a non credentialled version off the back of one of our public websites (locked away under a UN/pw of course)