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    EPO 4.0 different problem

      I have installed epo 4.0 sucessfully. But .....

      - the MyAvert on the dashboard refused to connect to mcafee avert (I have no proxy, the epo server have a direct connection access to the web)

      - the conformity chart says " This monitor cannot be displayed due to an unrecoverable error"

      - with the chart VSE : deploy dat files, I have the versions 4.0.5160 and 5160.0000, what's the difference between them ?

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          Hi ealias,
          I have a possible answer on the firs issue you have:
          the My advert is using port 8081 to collect the data so maybe your firewall is blocking the port. It happened to me. opened up the port in the firewall inside access list and, wham it updated.

          Sorry I can't answer on the other issues.

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            Thanks for help !

            For myavert : I have deblocked the port 8801 and it works !

            For the unrecoverable error for monitor : i have changed the default language for the epo user in the database (english nothing else)

            For the change of format DAT, i am going to keep to search