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    Since 30/07/2015 update McAfee accessing location




      Hope everyone reading this is well.

      Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place.


      I had a question in regards to McAfee total protection. It has been running fine up until 30/07/2015. I think a major update occurred as when I checked the 'about' section of mcafee total protection many of the different components were updates on the 30th. So anyway since then it has been running a little slower, so when I click on it it doesnt come up straight away and can get stuck when loading. The thing that I find most strange is that I got a notification saying 'your location has recently been accessed'. When I checked events log it had been accessed twice on the 30th. I had restarted my computer today and got the same notification, and again shows that mcafee had accessed location today.


      So my question is, is this normal? And what is mcafee using my location for?

      (Sorry if this seems like a minor issue, i worry very quickly).


      and thank you in advance to anyone and everyone who replies.



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          Peter M

          Moved this to SecurityCenter as it's more of a general thing about that really.   I noticed that too and I think it's caused by the splash screens that are now attached to the SecurityCenter before you can even get in there.

          Yes it takes forever to load and even longer to get right into the interface proper as a result.

          If it doesn't improve soon I'm going to bring it up on our Moderator/McAfee Conference Call soon.

          I don't think it's meaning your actual location but rather your installation as I think those splash screens "phone home" to the McAfee servers for whatever they display at the moment.

          Of course I don't know this for sure and McAfee are notoriously cagey about divulging the inner workings of their software, but I will ask.  The next call is Monday 10th. August at 4pm Eastern time US/Canada.

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            Thank you Ex_Brit for the super fast and helpful reply.


            Its relief in itself knowing its not just me  Hopefully future updates should fix it.


            Not sure what you mean by splash screens as the actual software still looks the same to me.


            Anyway thank you again (this forum is super helpful)



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              Peter M

              I'll let you know what they say, if anything.  ;-)


              I see 2 or 3 different splash screens before mine even opens but it will depend on the suite and software source I think.

              But that;s what made me think along those lines.