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    FDA warns Medical Device Manufacturers of Possible 'Hacking'


      I felt this to be a 'Noteworthy' Topic of discussion. Especially due to the fact that I am a Heart Patient with a 'Implantable Cardio-deverter Defibrillator by Medtronics. This was discussed actually today as I had my 'ICD' interrogated. I was assured that any Server involved with Programming from each individual's Hospital/Electrophysiologists office has been updated to prevent being exploited/hacked.


      You can actually 'Google' this topic and get various topics of discussion. With todays emerging technology, the Bad guys always try to stay one step ahead. It used to be that one could not hack a 'Medical Device' unless actually being with-in 15 feet in proximity. This is no longer the case.


      I would vociferously advise anyone with a implanted 'Medical Device' to bring attention to your Health Care Provider.


      In regards to Medtronics 'ICD', former Vice President of the United States (Dick Cheney) Indeed had an attempt take place to compromise his actual functions/settings to his Medtronic Implantable device. It just so happens, that my Electrophysiologist  Martin Bacon was the Cardiologist whom performed the implantation.


      Dick Cheney now has a 'Lvad' implanted as he is in 'End Stage Heart Failure'


      Again, it may be most advised for one whom depends on these Medical Devices to actually prolong their lives, to ask questions in regards to their safety.


      Link:Cybersecurity for Medical Devices and Hospital Networks: FDA Safety Communication

      Connected medical devices: The Internet of things-that-could-kill-you - The Washington Post