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    McAfee NGFW - User Authentication Rules - RADIUS vs LDAP:




      One of our customers has some problems with their NGFW Template Rules that have the authentication method [RADIUS vs CUSTOMER LDAP SERVER] enabled.


      As far we could check, their LDAP Server has something like 10.000 users or more, and a lot of groups and some of the rules that are using GROUPS to validate the connections instead USERS, are not working.


      And when we use the USERS to validate it works fine, to explain better the scenario we have created some rules to redirect the connections not authenticated to the NGFW Portal, and the rules that are configured with GROUPS keeps the connections in a loop, always redirecting to the Portal even when the connection is authenticated, and when we use the USERS individually, the loop does not occur.


      If anyone had this problem before, please let me know.


      Thanks and Best Regards,