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    epo 3.5.0 and vscan 8.8

      We are running epo 3.5 and have just checked in vscan 8.0 for distribution with all relevent packages. The task has been set to uninstall vscan 7.1 and install vscan 8.0 however some machines are only picking up vscan 8.0 and NOT the scan engine or the latest DAT file causing them to show as not protected in the protection summary.

      I am reasonably new to the epo and this one has me confused. The only workround so far has been to remote in manually uninstall vscan 7.1 and then send a agent install from the epo.

      Thanks in advance.
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          this may be because you have an old version of virusscan 8.0 , which shipped with the 4400 scanning engine.

          the problem will be that the signatures wont update because the engine version is not high enough, and the engine will not update ( to 5200) because the signatures are not high enough......

          McAfee reposted virusscan 8 with the 5100 engine, but this wont help you, because if virusscan 8 has already installed, it will not try and install the virusscan product again ( because it sees it as the same version as is already installed )

          the simplest option is to check in a superdat from mcafee, and check it into the repository - epo will blindly roll it out to everyone, and everyone will run this once.

          this should fix the problem, and allow the clients to update normally