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    problem transfering from MSDE to SQL 2000

      Hi all
      i m facing a problem while copying EPO 3.6.1 DB from MSDE to SQL
      i used the copy wizard from the SQL enterprise manager

      i faced the following error while transferring MSDB objects like epo_hip_installation

      Step error source: Microsoft DTS package
      Step error description: unspecified error

      Step Error Code : 80004005
      Step Error Help File: sqldts80.hlp
      Step Error Help Context ID : 1100

      why does this problem occur

      thanks in advance
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          woah there, no need for DTS,

          the steps you want to do.

          stop msde services .

          copy the ePO_servername.mdf and ePO_Servername.ldf to the SQL server, and put them in the desired folder.

          in SQL enterprise manager, go to all tasks, attach database , browse to the DB and attach it,

          then use CFGNAIMS (in the epo install dir) to point ePO to the new location for the DB