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    McAfee SIEM 9.5.0 Alarms issue


      After upgrading to 9.5.0 MR4 20150511 - We have noticed a main function of ESM not functioning properly.


      Alarms are triggered based on correlation rules/field matches/internal event match/etc.

      Actions are to: Log event and send a message to specified users

      Some alarms send a message and some do not. This is very sporadic. It turns out that there is a bug in current latest version of the SIEM. BZ #1072749

      We have also created an escalation tasks which gets triggered after 2 minutes and also sends a message hoping this would be a workaround. 5/10 times our alarms send out a message via email. Other 5 times, it does not.

      Has anyone seen this issue? If so, do you have a consistent workaround?

      P.S: There is nothing wrong with our alarms criteria or anything as such. Alarms were working perfectly fine before the upgrade.

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