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    Tomcat and RSS using CPU usage 100% windows server 2008R2


      Hi all,



      We have domain controller for 70 managing windows server 2008 R2 workstations.



      It was working fine until we installed ePO 4.6.1.


      Now the CPU usage goes 100% because of tomcat.exe & RSS(rogue system detection service) and not letting the domain controller policies to deploy (lsass.exe)



      We have added tomcat.exe &RSS exe into mcafee's exclusion rules but the problem continues. So we have stopped ePO services and CPU usages goes 0-5% which is normal.



      Please help us to fix this CPU usage related to Mcafee ePO services.



      Note: VSE 8.8 , engine version : 5700



      Thanks in advance.