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    Odd issue - EPO agent attempting to install itself over and over

      I've got an issue with a client at one of my sites. Whenever he logs in to his box, it seems as though the EPO agent is attempting to install itself. It gets to the point where the install is about to take place, then complains about the user not having enough privileges. I have tried uninstalling the EPO agent completely using /forceuninstall and reinstalling it manually using framepkg - both seem to go through without a hitch, yet every time he logs on, this still happens.

      I thought I had resolved it when i added him temporarily to the local admins group on the box and logged him back in - the reinstallation seemed to go without a hitch, yet when I logged back on as him, the EPO agent once again installed itself. Of course, when i removed him from the local admins group, the error he was getting recurred. It looks like the EPO agent has got itself in a bit of a muddle and is trying to reinstall itself every time a user logs in.

      Is this a known issue? It's pretty hard to find anything that mentions it in the KB.

      Running EPO 3.5, client is XP SP2 and substantially the same as all other boxes in the site, which are fine.
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          exactly what are you seeing ( when logged on ) ?

          everything ePO does, is silent - ie, no gui, so if the user is seeing a prompt, then this is something else.

          how is your agent installed ? login script ?

          the behaviour you describe does not sound like the agent doing the upgrade, but an external source doing the install, ie, GPOs, login script, radia, etc

          the install is logged to a file called frminst_computername.log - do a search for this and get the newest one.