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    Memory usage - ePO Version - VSE 8.0.0


      I am an end user and we have ePO agent and Virus Scan Enterprise installed at our place. I see that there are lots of spikes in memory through out the day and normal usage of Mcshield.exe is around 50 MB.

      My system configuration is
      Windows 2000 Server, 512 MB RAM, Intel CPU 4 GHZ
      Hotfix version 15
      Version 8.0.0, Patch version 15
      Buffer overflow protection defination - 131

      I found lot of queries on similar line but none could solve the problem. Also, I learnt from admin staff that they have plan to migrate to VSE 8.5 and ePO 3.6 but it seems neither that takes care of memory issue.

      Is it possible to reduce the usage to 20-25 MB level only ?

      Thanks in advance
      Jinesh Mehta