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    Migrate EPO 3.6.1 to 4.0?

      Hello everyone, I would like some thoughts on the following plan:
      1. Currently running on a blade server with 5700 nodes. CMA V3.6.0.546, MASE 8.5, VSE 8.5i. Performance is crappy on the blade.

      2. I would like to do a clean install of V4.0 on a full size server with a different name & ip address than the existing blade server, then migrate nodes site by site. I would check in the VSE products and then import the policies from the blade server.

      3. How can I migrate nodes from the nodes from the old blade server (V3.6.1.202) to the new V4.0 server?

      thanks for your input
        • 1. No direct node migration tool
          There's no tool that allows you to directly export the tree and then re-import. The easiest way around this is to run a report and/or query in 3.x that lists all of the nodes broken down by there they're at in the system tree. Then on the 4.0 system you'll need to create the systems using 'from text file' (there's good documentation on the text file in the PDFs).
          • 2. good idea
            Thanks mdyer... I guess the other option is to setup the empty sites and groups on the 4.0 box mimicing the 3.6 box.

            Then as the machines check in move them to the correct place, could be a lot of work though.

            The real question is this: How do I tell the nodes to go to the 4.0 box instead of the 3.6 box?
            • 3. RE: good idea
              Do you not use IP masks on your groups to arrange all the agents into group automatically?

              In this case you just import the lists from the previous server and hit them with pushed reinstalls of the agent, when they report in they will automatically sort into the correct groups on EPO 4

              (or if you want to fart around switch out the sitelist.xml file on agents using some kind of script, there are examples on the boards if you look for them)
              • 4. migration
                Thanks for the reply Tonyb99.

                The current 3.6 environment was setup by a consultant and does not use ip sorting. It sounds like I have to resort to your second option of switching out the sitelist.xml file on each node. hmmm sounds like a lot of work.

                The other option I am considering is this:
                1. power down the blade then pull it off the network.
                2. Have a new full size server built but not on the network with the same name & IP of the blade.
                3. On the new server install V3.6.1 along with patches, then check in VSE 8.0i , 8.5i, MASE 8.0 & 8.5 and CMA
                4. then import VSE 8.0 & 8.5i policies from the blade.
                5. Then put the new full size server on the network & wait for everyone to check back in.

                did I cover all the bases?

                • 5. RE: migration
                  This all comes back to how you maintain your directory.. do you not have IP sorting at all and if not can you initiate it?

                  If you dont use IP masks on your sites now then how do you manage new agents or reinstalls etc etc?

                  IN epo 4 you CAN set other tags on agents, cant run it myself as I need RSS but its all there in the manual.

                  altering sitelist.xml is just another way of making them report back to new server it wont help with you directory sort
                  • 6. migrate
                    Unfortunately I cannot setup IP sorting due to vlans etc globally. I have been moving systems from the lost & found for the last year and a half.

                    I was part of the 4.0 beta project & did play with the tags somewhat. I understand that CMA V4.0 is needed for the 'is laptop' tag to be active. That will help as we break out our machines by type i.e. desktop & laptop.

                    So for now I am leaning either towards the script or the new build & then upgrade to V4.0.

                    Perhaps down the road in V4 I will get the automatic sort that is now missing.

                    • 7. RE: migrate
                      You can of course import previous epo sections of agents as seperate text files then apply these against agents that you push to find which to move off to which section... but oh god what a task..

                      And I thought I had it bad
                      • 8. RE: good idea

                        Easiest way is to either (re)push the agent from the 4.0 server OR create an installation package on the new server and run it from an install script. You could also do a single pull in from AD and then push against the nodes that it brings in.
                        • 9. RE: good idea
                          You can try this: http://forums.mcafeehelp.com/showthread.php?t=147550

                          It is a rather easy, and should work well if you do not have Admin rights on all of the clients.