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    ePO 4.0 No Rouge System Detection??

      What happened to RSD in ePO 4.0? How am I supposed to deploy agents to rogue systems now? Will my current rogue system sensors deploy agents to rogue systems?
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          No Rogue System detection yet, but it is coming apparently.

          Possible Q1 next year, though I have yet to see any betas for it yet.

          It is the one thing that has stopped me deploying ePO v4. I have it running in the lab and it is great IMHO, but I need to have RSD before it can go live.
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            So my current rogue systems sensors are useless without RSD functionality enabled on the server???
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              I think so.

              Why the hurry to upgrade to v4.0? It has only just come out, test it apart from your production systems for a while, and by the time you are ready to roll with it, then RSD might be available.

              If RSD is so important, stick with 3.6 for the time being. That's what I am going to do.
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                I already upgraded... Mcafee never announced they were not including this functionality in their new 4.0 release. They should not of released it if it was missing major functionalities such as RSD. This is still pretty much beta.. RSD didnt work too well in 3.6 anyways.
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                  The fact that RSD was not included yet has been all over these forums since the documentation was released 6 weeks ago and even before that as this was posted about on the BETA forums months ago. You should always check the forums before updating your products.
                  • 6. RSD - low priority?
                    My understading is that McAfee surveyed customers for the 'go-live' feature set of EPO and RSD consistently scored low among existing customers as a required feature for the go-live date. However, after moving into the beta cycle they quickly found out that in fact a lot of customers are using the functionality.

                    At this point with 4.0 there's no equivelent way to detect machines on remote segments - either from the server itself or from a remotely deployed sensor. An updated / improved RSD is in the works and I've heard Q1 next year also.