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    error upgrade to McAfee V8.5


      I have a problem when i try upgrade VSE 8.0 to 8.5.

      Before i used ePO 3.5. now i try ePO 3.6. But after importing sitelist.xml (ePO 3.6) on VSE 8.0 (succesful), the VSE 8.0 shown "can not find a valid repository". But on some PC this sitelist.xml is working properly.
      All service (framepkg) and program VSE 80 already removed.

      And then i installed VSE 8.5. It shown " The installation can not continue until ePO management Agent is of version 3.6 or higher ".

      How to remove this problem?
      Anyone can help me?:confused:
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          Install epo 3.6 before VSE 8.5.

          Why are you messing with sitelist.xml? did you move to a totally new server rather than upgrade from 3.5 to 3.6 and then let EPO update the agents itself?
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            You must use and install an ePO agent 3.6.x before deploying VS8.5

            Cheers Tom
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              This is valid only if you had previous installed older version of Mcafee and trying to upgrade.

              1. I found this folder will not be deleted when we uninstall the older version. C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\

              So, In the Task Manager kill the following processes:

              Then delete entire folder C:\Program Files\McAfee

              2. Then delete the registry key:
              HKLM\SOFTWARE\Network Associates

              This registry key has subfolder EPolicy Orchestrator which I think is the main culprit. So I deleted the entire Network Associates key.

              I did search on MacAfee keyword in registry and deleted each one of them, but I think is not required. I think above key is the only one that was giving us issue.

              Now re-run the setup and you should be good to go.