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    When is CMA 3.6.0 Patch2 being released?

      Does anyone know when the CMA 3.6.0 Patch 2 will be released?

      I noticed that this has already been included in EPO 4.0 making the EPO agent go to version
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          I have not seen anything yet on the support site yet.

          Could it be an ePO 4 specific agent?? as its bundled with it.
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            McAfee kb 613335 says:

            "This issue is resolved in McAfee Common Management Agent 3.6 Patch 2. This Patch is currently in very limited release, controlled by McAfee Tier III Technical Support. This article will be updated when Patch 2 is fully released.

            If you experience the symptoms listed, contact McAfee Technical Support and reference this article number to have a case created and escalated to obtain the Patch"

            So it will support ePO 3.6x and PP , but for some reason CMA 3.6 Patch 2 is still limited release, even when it's included in ePO4.0 (?!)
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              I also found an article saying that Patch 2 was also in limited release. It is scary that they have included it in EPO 4.0. Another thing is EPO 4.0 is still showing under the Beta site as a Release Candidate dated Sept 7th. Not too sure if they released EPO 4.0 too early.
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                This is actually very annoying.

                We've got two servers that run ProPilot 1.5. One is a test bed we usually leave off to roll patches to before deploying and the other is the production machine. I did the HotFix listed in 613335 on the test bed but apparently never saved the HotFix files locally. Well we finally got the OK to patch the production server and now I can't download the HotFix because it's been replaced with CMA 3.6.0 P2 and I can't download CMA 3.6.0 P2 because it's not out yet. So what am I supposed to do? :confused:

                We would like to update so as to make our machines secure but now we can't because we can't garunatee the failure wont happen (which it did on the test bed) and I have no desire to play the Minimum Escalation Requirements (MER) file/Support Ticket game to get a patch I know I'm going to need but can't get because it was removed until our server has failed.

                We've done an ePO 4.0 test deploy upgrade of PP 1.5 to it but it wiped out ALL of our rules when we did that so it's not an option right now.
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                  I just want to note I looked at PrP 1.5 Patch 1 also which came out after the HotFix that is not available now and the documentation for it does not state it fixes the issues referenced in the KB article [URL="https://knowledge.mcafee.com/SupportSite/search.do?cmd=displayKC&docType= kc&externalId=613335&sliceId=SAL_REGISTEREDUSER_1_2&dialogID=6125638&stateId=0 0 6119867"]613335[/URL].
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                    If you need to deploy the 'patch' open a case and get it.
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                      I do not like being put in the position where I have to wait for a failure to get a patch that was available before but has been removed for a new version of the CMA that isn't available to the public. The old hotfix should have been left in place until CMA360P2 was released to the public.

                      The issue is moot because from reading other threads I see CMA360P2 is in ePO4 which we have a test upgrade of. I'll just get it from there and deploy it to the PrP server until we figure out what went wrong with the ePO4 upgrade that caused all our policies to be lost. This however is still an issue for any PrP user that does not have ePO4 available to them though since they would be in the same predicament.
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                        I would agree that taking the patch down was pointless and not a good idea coming from a 'security' company.

                        If more people request the new patch it may push them to release it sooner.

                        As for grabbing the package from the 4.0 server it will send the machine to the 4.0 server. I did this yesterday on a test machine to get it into the test 4.0 environment.
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                          Since I did an upgrade from PrP15->ePO361->ePO4 the system leaves the CMA as the version I had in the PrP15 install which was CMA360P1 and not CMA360P2. That's what I expected as per this document 613709. It then stores the installation files for CMA360P2 in the Imports/Agents/InstallPkg folder which is a clean install file of CMA360P2 without the ePO server information stored in it.

                          I've taken and verified just to make sure and the machines we've deployed it to are still pointing back to the correct production PrP server.
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