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    Scheduled dat pulls failing

      Hello everyone, since I have upgraded to the scheduled dat pulls are failing with a error code 12015. I can see in the epoapserver log where that error is generated by the proxy server denying access.

      I can also see in the epoapserver log that the correct credentials are being passed to the proxy server.

      I have rekeyed in the credentials in the proxy setup screen in epo and when I log on to the server with the credentials I am able to access the Internet with no problem.

      I am now doing a manual dat pull once a day. I visited with Mcafee tech support & they suggested that the problem was on my side with the proxy server.

      Anyone else run into this?

      CMA 3.6
      VSE 8.0i & MASE 8.0
      6000 nodes
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          I have not seen this personally but I have heard of it from a colleague and he resolved it by adding the ePO server's IP to the prioxy to allow access to the download sites instead of trying to use the credentials.

          It had something to do with NTLM authentication and the proxy not accepting the credentials being passed in that way.
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            thanks DanielL for the idea, we shall give a try.

            • 3. same here...
              12015 also...

              keeps failing, logged in or not...
              re-created the pull task, no solve...

              without proxy (it HAS direct access to the internet through FW) no solve
              with proxy it don't work either...

              latest ePO, latest agent... running out of options...

              McAfee Gold support not really being much of a help either...

              my personal time spent on this forum is getting quite out of hand, im reading my eyes out :)

              if i get the faulty piece, i'll let you know...

              thanks for the knowledge anyways wink
              • 4. RE: same here...
                Have you tried telling ePO to use the IE Proxy settings and configuring the proxy there ?

                • 5. hmmmmm
                  even the internet explorer proxy settings dont seem to work...

                  im trying to understand how basic stuff like this seems to fail that often...

                  anyways, the story continues grin
                  • 6. Something else...
                    I've just had a couple of long telephone calls with our boys from the firewall / proxy, and they configured our proxy-server to let the ePO server, and just the ePO server to the internet without athenticating to the proxy. This has made my day!
                    It connects like a charm, and even when ik deleted the DAT from my repository, it started pulling again!

                    Still wondering why it did pull sometimes, and didn't the other times.

                    My tip of the day: configure the proxy to let ePO go out and play without authenticating (on machine basis)
                    Or bypass the proxy completely.
                    I'm hope i'm having a couple of low-ePO days for now, after weeks of sleeping, eating and drinking ePO...
                    Hope this can help anyone, cyall next week, when the ePO story continues!