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    Events listed in EPO 3.6.1 Database report GMT and not Local

      Just noticed some strange behaviour in the EPO database. If we go under the MSDE database, under Queries and then Events, I notice that the events are listed on GMT time and not Local time.

      I have changed "reporting" from GMT to Local time" and restarted the SQL and all the EPO services. This does not make these events reflect local time. Is this a bug in EPO 3.6.1 Patch 1. Last week we upgraded from EPO 3.5.

      Is anyone else seeing this? We did install the Sun Java Update Tool after upgrading last week. Not too sure why these times don't reflect the local time.

      I have pasted in an example from "All EPO Server Events". This shows the time as 8.03pm when it is really 3.03pm. I have also noticed that the compliance checks don't send me emails anymore also.

      3/22/2007 8:03:05 PM The following computers are non-compliant based on Rule Compliance Check : Compliance Rule: DIVYA, KIOSK5, VBRHM34DPC01