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    Policy inheritance from v8.0i -> v8.5i


      I am running ePO 3.6.1 Patch 1 on a Server 2003 box with CMA 3.5.5.

      I want my newly checked in v8.5i package to inherit the same policys as defined in ePO for v8.0i

      However, when I try and define the policy to be used for v8.5i (Policy Name) all I see is the McAfee Default.

      Clicking the 'Inherited from' box makes no difference.

      I have even tried to export the policies from v8.0i, however, when I try and import the .xml ePO reports the policy already exists even if I rename it.

      Basically I want the NAP for v8.5i to see all the policies as defined in v8.0i

      All help appreciated!
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