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    Install epo agent manually

      Can anyone tell me how to manually install epo agent, we are using epo 3.5. Any info would be appreciated
        • 1. Install EPO Agent Manually
          You will want to copy the frampkg.exe file onto a CD or Floppy Disk. It is located under the following folder:

          c:\program files\network associates\epo\3.5.0\db\software\current\epoagent3000\install\0409\frampkg.exe

          We have our techs put the Framepkg.exe onto a CD along with a batch file that they run to install. Below are the contents of the batch file that we use to install the EPO agent manually.

          @echo on
          framepkg /forceinstall /install=agent
          netsh firewall set allowedprogram program = "%ProgramFiles%\Network Associates\Common Framework\FrameworkService.exe" name = "McAfee Framework Service" mode = ENABLE scope = CUSTOM addresses = (Use your servers IP Address)/32
          "%ProgramFiles%\Network Associates\Common Framework\cmdagent.exe" /p

          The EPO Agent will install an exception through the XP SP2 firewall. The only problem is that it allows everyone on the internet to access the framework service. We prefer to change that by running the netsh command and only allow the EPO server access to the McAfee Framework service. This is a lot safer option to use.

          The last command called cmdagent /p, tells the EPO agent to communicte to the server immediately. This makes the EPO agent appear a lot faster on the client system.
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            Thank you very much for your reply.
            • 3. sorry friend i dont know how to install epo agent on workgroup manually
              sorry friend i dont know how to install epo agent on workgroup manually if you get any answer please send me method its my humble request with you and all of this blog members. hope i will get a positive responce thanks alot friends have a nice day keep going on