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    Client Scheduled Tasks don't showup on desktops in console.

      Using Protection Pilot for 200 workstations.

      Click on All Computers and then scheduled tasks.

      I added a task called "!Monthly scan of Local drives."
      Product: VirusScan Enterprise 8.0
      Task type: On Demand Scan

      Inherit is on, it is enabled.

      Set to run 1:30 am once a month on a certain day.

      Checked multiple workstations and when I click on their virusscan console it does not appear. Then in Protection Pilot, I check each group and check scheduled tasks and it is listed as ENABLED "TRUE"

      The only place it shows up in the virusscan console is on the server where Protection Pilot runs. It comes up as (EPO)!Monthly scan of Local drives


      Any suggestions or am I doing something wrong.