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    Moving EPO Server


      I've had a look through the forums but an unable to find an answer that matches my situation exactly.

      I need to move an epo server to a new server -> new IP and name. I need to move the old database to the new server as well. How would i go about doing this? Would doing this keep my policies? How do i tell the rogue sensors in the domain to look at the new server?

      Also, how do i get the clients to look at the new server?

      Your help is very much appreciated.

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          There are some KB articles for this.

          Search for them on the Primesupport site...
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            From what I understand you can move the database off a server and to another machine/IP and they have a utility (exe) to help you do so.

            However, your master server cannot change IP as this would result in the need for re-distribution of all your ePO clients. Once the IP changes, you would be unable to notify the clients of the new info sad
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              What type of database do you use - MSDE or MSSQL Server ? The backup and restore utility for MSDE (dbbak.exe) will only work if the server gets the same name as the old one, but you can install ePO (same version as old epo server !!!) on a new server, then stop the ePO and SQL server services and copy the MSSQL directory from one server to another. Then reconfigure the database access account and database name for the epo services on your new server with the cfgnaims.exe utility. Better and easier way would be to install the new epo server and use an MS SQL Enterprise Manager console to move the db.

              Cheers Tom
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                i use a msde database. The two servers have different names and ip addresses. Redistributing the epo clients is not a problem.

                How would i use Enterprise manager to move the database. If i did this would the clients be able to see the new server or would i still need to redistribute the agent.

                Thanks guys (and gals??)

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                  In SQL Enterprise Manager register the two MSDE server as (Menu "New SQL Server registration"). Right-click the old ePO-Server under the "SQL Server group"-tree in the EM Manager and select "Copy database wizard ...". Then copy the ePO database to the new server. Be sure to stop all ePO services before.

                  Afterwards reconfigure your new epo server with the cfgnaims.exe tool to use the copied database.

                  For the agents you have to redistribute the agent or at least update the sitelist.xml file.

                  Cheers Tom
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                    I have noticed in the earlier version of ePO (I thought ePO 3.0.0) that the wizard within the SQL enterprise manager did not copy everything. This was confirmed by TierIII support.
                    The only way that I could move a DB was to make a backup of the DB, create a new DB with the same name on the new server and then restore the backup to the new DB on the new server. After that, I have reconfigured ePO trough the CFGNAiMS.exe utility.

                    You can create a backup and a restore trough the dbbackup util in the ePO installed folder.

                    If you want to use the new server with a different server name and a different IP addres, you always need to distribute the new agent, moving the DB will only cause the policies to be saved, as well as the historical information for reporting....
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                      A method I am currently testing is as follows:

                      Build new ePO server with new IP and name and exact same version of ePO
                      Stop ePO service on old server
                      Detach the SQL DB supporting ePO from old ePO server then copy and attach to new ePO server (Detach/Attach is quicker than having to do a backup - its worth doing a maintenance job first to ensure the DB is in good shape)
                      Configure EPO as required on new server
                      Switch off old ePO server
                      Delete old ePO server machine account object from the Active Directory(important as otherwise the DNS Alias will not work)
                      Creating a DNS Alias in place for old ePO server pointing to new ePO server ensuring WINS entries are tombstoned.
                      When the ePO service starts on the new server it will automatically populate the DB with the new name and IP address of the server it is running on

                      The ePO agent on the clients connects in this way:
                      First Attempt: Connection on last successful IP address
                      Second Attempt: DNS request on server name -> this is where it will pick up new IP address

                      Obviously in the future you will want your clients to have the new name rather than the DNS alias. This can be acheived when upgrading to the next version ePO 3.0 -> 3.5 as this will push out a new agent with the new server name.
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                        Can you let me know if this solution worked ok for you? I am trying to move my epo server to a new server with same name and IP, but not lose any data or have little downtime.
                        • 9. How to move MSDE db from one version to another
                          Hi All!

                          Currently i m using ePO 3.6.0 and want to upgrade it with ePO3.6.1.

                          i took the backup using dbbak.exe my msde is using NT authentication.

                          when i go to restor this backup to ePO3.6.1 running MSDE with SQL authentication

                          it gives me an error like "Make sure that database is not in use".

                          1) should Server name be same?
                          2) should ePO Version be same?
                          3) should IP be same?

                          kindly anyone help me out
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