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    Howto remove / install the ePo-agent (framework services)

      The McAfee Framework (FW) Services is responseable for 2 things:

      - The update part of the McAfee product being installed
      - The ePolicy Orchestrator Agent

      When installing the FW for:

      - updatepart: you'll need to reinstall / repair the product when there's no ePo in the network
      - epoagent: use Framepkg.exe from the epo-server

      Manually: updater: framepkg.exe /install=updater
      epoagent: framepkg.exe /install=agent

      When the FS won't work, remove it:

      - updater: frminst /remove=agent
      - epoagent: frminst /remove=updater
      - when above options won't fix the problem: frminst /forceuninstall

      Install it back again with the above mentioned method.
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