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    changing epo server ip address

      if i change the epo server ip address will the clients still be able to connect to the machine for their updates?
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          Perhaps this document can help you:

          Goal and/or Problem Description
          HOW TO: Keep the original ePolicy Orchestrator database when migrating from one ePO server to another

          Replacing one ePolicy Orchestrator server machine with another ePolicy Orchestrator server machine

          Moving ePolicy Orchestrator from one server to another server

          Problem Environment
          McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 2.x

          McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 3.x

          Microsoft Windows NT

          Microsoft Windows 2000

          Changes affecting this Problem
          Change information is not available for this solution

          Cause of this Problem
          Cause information is not available for this solution

          Solution 1:
          Install ePolicy Orchestrator to the new server. For the "Install database option", select SQL Server/MSDE install on the original server. It does not matter that ePO will create a new database as this database will not be used. Stop the ePolicy Orchestrator Server service on the original ePO server. Shutdown and disconnect the server from the network to prevent it from communicating with the database. Run CFGNAIMS.EXE from the installation directory on the new ePO server. Select the old database name instead of the new database name. This will get the new ePolicy Orchestrator installation to use the old database instead of the new one. The new database can now be deleted using SQL Enterprise Manager.

          Solution 2:
          Have a new ePO server with the same name as the old ePO server, but with a different IP address.
          Put the database from the old server, the same database you are going to manage, on the new system.
          Change the DNS server entry the IP is pointing to, from the old ePO server IP to the new ePO server IP address.
          Shutdown the old ePO server.
          Put the new ePO server on the network.
          When the agents connect to the ePO server they will connect to the new ePO server based on the new DNS information. They can then check and receive new policies, and send and collect properties.

          The machines uses the LastKnownIP line from the SITEINFO.INI or SITELIST.XML file to search for the ePO server IP address. If it is not available, it queries the DNS server to resolve the IP address into FQDN. If it fails, then it will check the NETBIOS name.
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            thanks anyway ive decided not to move the epo server now, we've had WAY too much trouble trying to find a server that works so were going to pay for the licences rather than move the server.

            thanks to all those who posted.

            matty G
            aka bobmanuk
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              You can try starting a Protection Pilot machine (workstation or server) when you have less then 250 users.

              Advantage of this is that it can work on a heavy workstation (XP), but that machine also has to be turned on 7x24.
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                i have already tried protection pilot and got burned badly, we were running a windows 2000 pro as a file storage utility it wasnt doing much else except look pretty, i installed protection pilot and got every thing set up, unfortunately every time the 80 sumthing clients tried to connect the server (pro machine) went belly up and this I can only assume it is due to the fact that windows 2000 pro can only handle 10 consecutive connections, anyway we have been in contact with microsoft and have found that because we dont need a CAL to connect to the server we dont need to buy a license.

                thanks for your help

                matty G
                • 5. please explain

                  i need to migrate epo to a new server (with a new name). The msde epo database is on the old server. How can i go about migrating the settings to the new server?

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                    im not an expert but I think there is a data migration tool that comes with EPO setup files, take a gander and see what you think.
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                      The tool´ s name is AVI_Merge and the executable is in your ePO installdir\AVI. AFAIK this will only migrate the events stored in your DB and NOT your settings. To migrate your settings you can export your policies via your console to a file. Remeber you have to export on any directory-group/computer where you have disabled inheritance and changed settings. Afterwards you can restore the policy settings in your new server. I have also succeeded in using a database with another name for a new server. If I remember correctly I installed the new server, the stopped the ePO server settings. Attached the old DB to the new MSDE (if you use MSDE) and then reconfigured the ePO access via the cfgnaims.exe to use the old database. Restarted the services and everything was there and working properly. But this is not a supported workaround, I have to admit :-)

                      Cheers Tom
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                        Hi evry1, I am new member of this Mcafee forum

                        I have few queries regarding EPO IP change and virtualisation

                        1. We are running on EPO 3.6 and i want to change the IP adress of my EPO server.

                        Can you pls detail me the steps required for it.

                        After changing the IP i want to virtualise the EPO server. Is thr any known issues with EPO geting virtualised??