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    epo reporting, some reports arent working...

      Since Upgrading to 3.02, we have been unable to create a report for
      "EPO - DAT/Definitiion Deployment" all other reports seem to work fine.

      any ideas?

      I do not wish to lose the current DB we use, we need the reports for funding (especially to proove epo is working).
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          The reports are in the .NAP files. You can just re-add the VSE reports.
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            There is a knowledgebase article related to some of these problems :


            Known Issues why ePolicy Orchestrator Reports fail with various errors or a blank screen is displayed
            Solution ID : NAI35287 Last Modified : 2 DEC 2003
            Goal and/or Problem Description
            Known Issues why ePolicy Orchestrator Reports fail with various errors or a blank screen is displayed
            Known solutions for the ePolicy Orchestrator 2.5.x/3.x reporting issue
            Error: "There was a problem generating the report"
            Error: "A Report Job could not be created. The Error returned was 'Invalid file name'"
            Error: "There was an error generating the report. The reporting engine encountered a problem during report
            generation. The error was 'Error detected by database DLL'"
            Error: "Error detected by database dll"
            Blank white report screens
            A delay of one or two seconds then blanks the right panel to white. - No errors occur when this happens - No
            parameter dialog is displayed
            Problem Environment
            McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 2.5.x
            McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 3.x
            Microsoft SQL 2000
            Microsoft SQL 7
            Microsoft MSDE 1.0
            Microsoft Windows NT
            Microsoft Windows 2000
            Microsoft Windows 2003
            Changes affecting this problem
            Upgraded from ePolicy Orchestrator 2.5.x (with Patch 2) or ePolicy Orchestrator 3.0 (with Patch 2) to ePolicy
            Orchestrator 3.0.1.

            Cause of this problem
            There are various reasons why the reports would fail. The ones that are most likely to fail are those reports that use temporary tables, although, depending on the cause, tables that do not use temporary tables could also fail with the same symptoms. Temporary Tables are for the reports that will require a large amount of data to be collected from a large number of machines stored in the database. These temporary tables are updated
            frequently so that when the data is requested it has already been compiled into a table.

            To resolve a reporting problem, follow the solutions below. It is important to apply only those solutions that are specific to your version of Microsoft SQL.

            Solution 1:
            The problem is caused when a user creates a new db owner account and then upgrades to ePolicy Orchestrator 3.0 SP1. All existing stored procedures and tmp* tables are expected to be under dbo ownership, installing under a new account creates objects under the new accounts ownership instead of dbo, which confuses the consoles
            This problem is incurred on SQL 7 (MSDE version 1) and SQL 2000 (MSDE 2000) systems.
            See NAI35128: Reports fail after installing ePolicy Orchestrator 3.0 SP1 (ePO 3.0.1) to obtain scripts for resolving
            this issue.

            Solution 2:
            SQL 7
            ePolicy Orchestrator 3.0.1 reports take their information from additional tables that are created in the ePO database. These tables are created by ePO itself and make use of a function called the SELECT INTO
            statement. This function can be enabled or disabled within SQL.
            In certain circumstances (so far only seen on SQL 7 (MSDE version 1) servers) the SELECT INTO function is not enabled. This means that ePO cannot create the additional tables, so the reports that rely on them cannot run.
            See NAI35284: ePO Reports fail due to a SELECT INTO issue when ePolicy Orchestrator uses SQL 7 or MSDE

            Solution 3:
            Tmp entries
            The first time the reports were ran they failed and left behind temporary entries in the database that should have been deleted when the report completed. The 'Tables' view in SQL Enterprise Manager shows entries such as:
            See NAI35285: ePO Reports fail due to 'tmp' entries in the database.

            Solution 4:
            Corrupt RPT or INI files
            The Report files (.RPT) or the associated (*.INI) files may have become corrupt.
            See NAI35286: ePO Reports fail due to corrupt RPT or INI files

            Especially solution 3 has occured many times, when I use the ePO console on some installations

            Cheers Tom
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              I had this issue too. Try the KB solutions, asked everywhere in ePO forums but finally I opened a case with NAI, send them my ePO DB, they analized it and sent me a SQL script to modify some trouble with my DB

              It's works fine now.
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                I think thats what I will do now...

                thanks for the Insight ....
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                  where can I find "SQL Enterprise Manager" I can't find it I only find "SQL Server Service Manager"
                  or doesn't it exist on MSDE?
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                    SQL Enterprise Manager is found unter Tools on the SQL-Server Installation CD. IMHO you do not need a license for SQL-Server if you only install the Enterprise Manager.

                    Cheers Tom
                    • 7. Temporary Files left behind in ePO

                      Does anyone have the SQL script to remove the data out of the temporary files within ePO as discribed in NAI35285? Our ePO database is currently 3.01.