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    McAfee agent or




      I'm still running mcafee agent, I want to do an upgrade of my agents, but to which version? or ?



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          why do you want to upgrade?

          I usually woul check the release notes first if there e.g. sth that would fix a issue you already have or new features you would like to have. And of course if there are any known issues.

          We are running with epo 4.6.x. I think updating to could be worth. The 5.x agent also has some new features - but I think some (all? of them only work with ePO 5.1+ (again: Release Notes!)

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            Both agents and works fine with both ePO 5.1.1 (Build 357)  and 5.3.0 (Build 400) but have NOT tried agent yet.

            I just upgraded from to to resolve a big number of endpoint don't update DAT issue.