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    Install VSE deployment task fails right after the McAfee agent is installed




      On the server:

      I downloaded the manual deployment exe for the McAfee agent ( cause we don't use AD.

      I made a product deployment task which installs the This task is sheduled to be done immediately.


      On the client:

      McAfee Agent gets installed. Then it receives the task to "install VSE".

      This task fails with "There is an error occured during the installation of VIRUSCAN8800".

      Attached a picture of the log of the VSE.

      If I do the same task manually a bit later via system tree - select device - agent - run client task - the VSE gets installed with succes!


      It seems that the McAfee agent needs some time some kind of restart (subsystem stopped) , if the task would be invoked a bit later it would work.


      This is very strange !


      Can somebody help?