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    Server Keys Show Old ePO Server Name




      Wondering if could get a bit of advice on this:


      Last year, we migrated our ePO Server and SQL Server to new Windows servers with new names, and to make sure we made things as complicated as possible, we also renamed the ePO database.  We followed the McAfee KBs, and everything appeared to be working fine.


      However, two things we recently noticed are:


      1. The Local ePO server under Menu| Registered Servers | ePO server showed the old ePO server and database information (I opened another discussion about this one), and


      2.  The Security Keys under Menu | Server settings all still show the old ePO server name.


      I opened a ticket about issue #2, and I spoke to two different people and got two possible solutions, and I'm curious what your thoughts are on this:


      Option A:

      Go into the SQL database, and within the table ePOAgentHandlerKey Data, replace the ComputerName field of the old server with the new server, keeping the old key data the same:

      Before:  2 records:

      ComputerName     KeyData

      CurrentServer         xxx

      OldServer               yyy


      After:  2 records:

      ComputerName     KeyData

      CurrentServer         xxx

      CurrentServer            yyy


      Option B

      Leave things as they are.  The server names preceding the keys are simply tags and don't mean anything.  They could just as easily be named "abc" as the old server name.


      I like Option B, but I just wanted to confirmation.  Also, are the keys in any way related to the Registered servers, IE, if I correct the local ePO server Registered server, will this have any impact on our keys?


      Thanks for your time.  I appreciate it.