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    What is the purpose of the local ePO Registered Server?




      I'm wondering if someone could shed some light on what the purpose of registering the local ePO server in the ePO Servers section Registered Servers on ePO 5.x is when there is only one ePO database, and no rollup data to worry about?

      The reason I ask this question is we recently noticed that the local ePO server in the ePO Servers section of Registered Servers is still showing our old ePO server name, old ePO database server name, and old ePO database name, which we migrated from last year, and everything has been working fine since then.


      The product guide of ePO 5 is very vague regarding the purpose of an ePO Server Registered server when we only have one database and no rollup data:  "You can register additional McAfee ePO servers for use with your main McAfee ePO server to collect or aggregate data, or to allow you to transfer managed systems between the registered servers".  Within ePO itself, if I click Edit on my local epo server, I see the message "Registered ePO server is available for roll-up reporting" which seems to imply that this configuration may only required for rollup data between multiple databases.


      It would seem to me like you don't need to register the local epo server unless you have multiple databases that you'd like to roll up.  If that's the case, then I wonder why a brand new install of ePO configures the local ePO server in registered servers?


      Thanks.  I look forward to your input.