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    VIA header modification - 403 errors from different Webservers

    Rene Moj


      we have a via header modification rule since 2013 but in the last month we got a few times issues with that, because some webservers were not accepting this modified via header, so I had to configure an exception for specific sites.. the name is a little bit confusing (the first rule should have the name "do not remove anything if URL matches in list...")



      This is the error message that we get:

      Because of the fact that the pages that sent this error have nothing in common I thought this might be a new security feature which some webservers are using... So my question is: is it enough just to write "secure proxy...." in the via header, or are there any specific parameters that this webservers are checking? So maybe I would have to write something similar like "secure proxy,, version foobar..." so it looks like a legitimate header..

      Does anyone have the same experience?