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    Facing couple of issues in McAfee EPO


      Hi Guys,


      I am facing couple of issues with mcafee epo and would seek your assitance.


      1. Firstly scanning report for the systems does not show up all the systems and the number always varies. Lets say for example I have 100 system I hardly get 77 or 80 sytem and rest does not even appear in the report.
      2. Linux system where agent is successfully installed does not even appear in the report
      3. And my system does get very slow when the full system starts; can we optimize it?
      4. Last one is; can we start the full system whenever machine is booted; the issue I am facing is we have created the task at 10.00 AM but lets say ssytem gets started at 11.30 everyday what will happen with this system? It wont be included in full system scan?

      Plase help

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          I'll answer these as best I can...


          1. I've found this typical for a couple of reasons, systems are sitting on a shelf after getting the agent but, haven't reported in since then. Are the 20-33 systems laptops out in the field away from your network. Have you set up your system to work with an Agent Handler in your DMZ? What report are you running. If all 100 machines have the McAfee Agent on them and you are running a report related to Virus Scan is VirusScan installed on those other 20-33 systems? The answer really depends on what you are reporting on and you may have to look at the report to see what the criteria and/or filters that are set on those reports.


          2. Can't help with the Linux side since we don't run that in our network


          3. If you are referring to On-Access Scanning. Look to the High/Low Processes and customize these features for your network. Here is a link to McAfee KnowledgeBase - Understanding High-Risk, Low-Risk, and Default processes configuration and usage


          4. If you have a task (which I assume is) a On-Demand scan then, you'll want to set that task to include the "Missed Task" option so, that when the computer is booted up at 11:30 it will fire off the task that you wanted to run at 10 that morning.