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    Deploy Agent Expiring after Upgrade to 4.6.9


      Hi All.


      A couple of weeks ago I upgraded our ePO 4.6.8 to 4.6.9. At the same time I also checked in the latest MA Since then, whenever we try to push an agent out from the ePO console using the "Deploy Agent" button within the System Tree, it reports back in the Server Task Log as expired?


      The MA install does actually make it to the client and installs fine. The MA reports back to the ePO server and that is reflected in the client properties where is displays the correct MA version. Its annoying for us as we have a number of staff currently pushing out the updated MA and they are not able to tell from the Server Task Log whether this has worked or not.


      The ePO server is Windows Server 2003 R2 32bit and the database is on a SQL 2005 cluster, also 2003 R2.



      Any help is most appreciated.