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    Scanning of Portable Devices


      Hi Guys


      Im having issues with creating a task to scan portable devices ?

      Is this possible with mcafee ?


      i have EPO 4.6.8  and 6000+ endpoints , 90% of all Virus sources are from devices such as Blackberry etc..... how i would setup VSE to scan these devices ??

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          there is no option for scanning portable devices explicit.


          From my side it is really important to scan files when reading on disk. In this case, if removeable media is connected to your system the files are scanned automatically by OnAccessScan (OAS), also if you browse the directory.

          KB85136 describes in detail why scanning when reading on disk is important.


          I do not know if Windows uses Blackberry devices like a disc when accessing files. Is there an option to scan the files directly on the Blackberry server?



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            Hi ,


            I have that option enabled , the issue at hand is that even though the OAS does scan the device , if a use plugs in their phone to charge everyday with the same virus being constantly blocked its reporting back to EPO and raising statistics for Virus encounters.

            Im trying to use McAfee to solve the issue by scanning the device and removing it.


            This is on an endpoint level and not on the server side.


            In a perfect world , there would be an option to scan portable devices thus any device (BB,Samsung etc) inserted into an endpoint gets scanned.