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    Strange things happening on shutdown..yet main scan brings up no issues...


      Hi all.

      This may not be a McAfee issue but we're exploring as much as we can, that falls within our, very limited, knowhow....


      The last few days our Dell laptop (aging Inspiron 1545, Windows 7,  IE11) has started behaving very oddly on shut down.

      It flashes up several, "un-visited", webpages, before finally  shutting down..and these pages seem to vary each time.


      Their content(as far as we can tell)doesn't appear to be "dodgy" in nature(they can include such things as  Google Search  or Adobe Flash download pages etc).


      We have run the full McAfee scan several times over and it brings up no issues.

      W have also run any available Dell online diagnostics that I can find(and understand!)and that too,shows that everything is fine...


      I did find and run, the McAfee GetSusp (spelling?) scan...and that highlighted a "suspect" file/program(Trojan?)....but I had no idea how to get rid of it?!

      (..I have however, since misplaced the "suspect" files details..)


      Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

      (please keep it VERY simple, as we're a bit clueless when it comes to techy stuff)




      (Our apologies if we have posted in the incorrect section)