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    AH Installation Failed


      Hy all


      I have Epo 4.6.8 and I trying to install AH but I received the error  "setup was unable to connect to the specified database server"

      the sql is 2005 express wit dynamic port

      the pipe and tcp are enabled

      SA user is enabled

      from the remote machine I can telnet to 8443 8444 443 8555 (before was 80 ) and ofcourse the db dynamic port also.

      In attached files the logs AH installation.


      any idea?


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          AH setup log


          20150615153303 E #05764 AHSETUP Caught an exception trying to connect to the database:  Sql Error: Unspecified error (-2147467259)

          20150615153630 I #04416 AHSETUP Trying to connect to database server\EPOSERVER, database ePO4_DCS-PRI-EPOSRV as user sa

          20150615153724 E #04416 AHSETUP Connection failed


          If you are using non standard port (different than 1433)  like you say dynamic port then please use <server name>\<instance name>,<TCP port> (like\EPOSERVER,<xxxx>)


          Please look at #: KB72204

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            Hi Hem


            in the correct format  work

            thanks four your advice!