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    RSD 5.02 extension will not install in ePO 5.30


      I have been unable to install the RSD 5.0.2 extension into our test ePO 5.3.0 (build 400) server. When I try adding the extension it will error out and tell me this extension is not compatible with this version of ePO.


      Has anyone else had these issues. The pdf file states that it supports ePO 5.3 and ePO agent version 4.8 & 5.x. I called support and was told that it is due to me not using the agent 5.x. We are using agent version 4.8 patch 3 which the documentation say is supported. I even tried installing the latest agent 5.x package but the RSD 5.02 extension still will not install.


      Not too sure why support gave me info that contradicts the documentation.