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    Endpoint Security v10.1 BETA Best Practices, Guidance and Test Planning


      BETA testing Best Practices:

      • Install the Beta software on test systems, not production systems, unless you have complete backups from which to restore them to their original state. 

      • Make sure that test systems resemble your production environment. 

      • For testing with McAfee ePO (on-premise), use McAfee ePO 5.1.1 and McAfee Agent 5.0, included with the McAfee Endpoint Security download. Do not use earlier versions of McAfee ePO or McAfee Agent. 

      • Provide specific step-by-step instructions for any bugs that you report so that our engineering team can reproduce the issues in our test labs. 

      • Report any unexpected or anomalous behaviors and the conditions in which they occur. 

      • Run through your tests after the installation, without rebooting. Only reboot the system if you can't complete the tests. Document when and why the reboot was required. 

      • After installing Endpoint Security 10.1, we recommend that you enable the Endpoint Security Firewall, then disable the Host Intrusion Prevention Firewall.



      ENS 10.1 BETA Guidance and Test Planning:

      • Aim to dedicate about 5 hours a week to test
      • Have active participation in BETA community
      • Use the BETA Scenarios document as a guideline for testing
      • In your test environment, at a minimum, install the ENS 10.1 client software on 2-10 Endpoints initially
      • Aim to commit to wider deployment from the initial testing BETA endpoint group
      • Note that the ePO telemetry option being enabled during install will only be used to used gather information on install issues, migration issues, crashes or other system related issues as well as insight into general deployment
      • Aim to complete the exit survey upon BETA completion, your feedback is valuable to us in improving our software and also our BETA testing experience