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    Force Decryption


      Is there a proper procedure after running a force decryption to rescue the user files? Have different scenarios where the decryption is completed, the drive contents is not readable or requesting of formatting the disk. If I boot the machine to normal windows, it says that "Missing Operating System"


      Thanks in advance for any help




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          The data is decrypted but the the MBR is still the Drive Encryption MBR or it is damaged. From DETech, authenticate using the XML file for the machine and click, Restore MBR and restore the original MBR.


          You can run a fixMBR from a Windows disk to rebuild the MBR.

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            This should be a 2-way process?


            First is to use the "Restore MBR" on the EETech tool


            Secondly, run a fixMBR using the Windows 7 installation disk


            I'm reading a lot of community discussions and they mention that restoring MBR is not a good idea. Just wanted to ensure I got the correct process before I do that so I will not damage the whole system and make the file irrecoverable

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              The mbr won't have any effect on your ability to recover files unless it's been totally corrupted and the partition start sector is wrong. Mostly data recovery comes down to decrypting the correct sectors with the correct key.


              A bad mbr will stop you booting the drive though.

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                Thanks Safeboot for clarifying this.