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    ePO server, agent and virusscan advice.




      I'm unable to gauge the overall feedback and issues with the latest patches for ePO and virusscan.


      We're currently using ePO 5.1.1 Build 357, Agent and VirusScan (Patch 4). This setup is plaguing me with problems, mainly active directory sync hangs, macompatsvc memory leaks on servers. I believe ePO 5.3 fixes the sync problem and Agent 5.0.1 fixes the memory leak. Has anyone had a big issues with ePO 5.3 and/or Agent 5.0.1. I'm happy to stick with VirusScan 8.8 Patch 4 for the time being as I've read Patch 5 does have a lot of problems.


      Has anyone got a good combination of ePO, Agent and VirusScan that works well?


      My feeling is to upgrade ePO to 5.3, upgrade agent to 5.0.1 and leave VirusScan. Ideally I would like to rollback the agent to 4.8 put this doesn't seem as easy as to upgrade (just check into current branch).


      Hope you can help,