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    Missing Taskbar Icon and firewall log


      The icon in the taskbar disappears sometimes, mostly when my girlfriend is playing games within Facebook, after system suspend mode, or update.

      If I open the program from the desktop shortcut, the icon shows up, and UI says firewall and other componentes are running, all green.

      But I noticed that while the icon is missing the firewall does not log any activity.


      Is it possible that firewall is off while the icon is missing?

      I ran CurrentPorts while icon is gone and mcshield activates when I open Chrome. And mfefire.exe is present in the Taskmanager.

      I did not checked if McUIcnt.exe if off as someone reported in another post.


      XP SP3

      Security Center 12.8.992

      Antivirus 16.8.821

      Firewall 13.8.724