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    EPO 5.3 - W8.1 Workstations Admin$


      Hello everyone,


           We have the latest version of EPO on our server and have pulled in all the workstations except 1. This is a Windows 8.1 Pro workstation and is the only workstation that was purchased with a W8.1 native install. As you may know Windows 8 no longer creates the hidden shares on install and therefore I cannot get EPO to manage this box. I can ping the workstation, the workstation can ping the server, it is joined to the Domain and I can connect using remote desktop from the server - etc etc etc.


      I have tried E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I have even tried the registry hack to force the workstation to create the hidden share. No joy - nothing has worked.


      Every other workstation can be accessed from the server using the hidden share \\john-pc\admin$ except for this one box. I have enabled the hidden administrator account - on and on and on. I can access the workstation from the server using remote desktop (which is what Windows wanted when their OS stopped producing the hidden share on install) but EPO fails to deploy McAfee Agent every time -


      I have even tried to create another hidden share - it does not matter. Apparently EPO looks for the Admin$???


      I am lost as to a solution!! Any help would be appreciated


      When I called McAfee gold support they said, "Oh, it's Windows 8...that's why" However, they did not have a solution. I had another IT pro in today to check Active Directly, network, etc etc.




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          Yes that's correct. The requirements for Agent deployment are outlined here:



          Since it's just one system and the admin$ is only required for Agent deployment and never again I would just grab the framepkg.exe Agent installer from your EPO server and install it manually on that one system. Once it's managed in EPO you shouldn't have any problems.

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            Thanks for the link!

            Actually it is not possible to create the Admin$ hidden folder in Windows 8.1 - I have tried. If someone knows how I would love to know - the registry hacks posted all over the web do not work on this 64-bit machine (DWORD or QWORD it doesn't matter)


            I will try the framepkg.exe installer and give that a try to. The problem is that Windows is migrating away from these hidden shares and EPO needs to change the way it reaches out to these machines as a result. Do you foresee that happening?



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              I haven't had any particular issues with deploying Agents to Windows 8/2012 machines. Strange.

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                I'm getting ready to upgrade from ePO 5.1.0 to 5.3 next week. Is this issue limited to ePO 5.3? I currently have no problems deploying to Windows 8.x.

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                    This is my first experience with EPO and mmcgary states that he has no issues with deployment. It should be stated that I have three workstations with Windows 8.1 and two of the three are managed. However, these were originally XP Pro boxes that were upgraded when Windows offered the W8.1 Pro upgrade for $34.99. It is my belief that the hidden Admin$ share was created under XP.  The workstation purchased with native W8 does not have the admin$ share. I have tried to create the share  without success. In fact, when I attempted to create a share admin$ I was told that "admin$" and "c$" were reserved. This would lead you to believe that activating the hidden administrator account or adding the QWORD under the Windows security policy registry would allow access from the server, but it does not.


                  Thank you