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    McAfee Client Proxy not populating the LAN connections in IE


      Hello everyone,

      I've deployed McAfee Client Proxy 1..2.0.8 via ePO 5.3.  I've configured a policy to sense what network the laptop is on - corporate or SaaS like the documentation and the knowledge base says.  Everything is working great except the active proxy as shown in the About window is not populating the proxy settings under LAN connections when I'm off the corporate network - it is holding my corporate network proxy settings.  It detects my Connection settings as Out of Corporate Network and denotes the correct proxy under Active Proxy.  Probably would work the other way too - if I hand added the SaaS proxy URL into LAN Connections and then connected to my corporate network it would probably see my corp proxy as active but wouldn't populate LAN Settings properly.  Any idea what could be wrong?  It seems like it should be working since it is sensing the location properly. I've checked the logs and there really isn't anything there.