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    List Encryption Users Via Web API?


      This question seems to center around the difference between ePolicy Orchestrator 5.1 and web API scripting. Using both, I am able to assign Encryption Users to systems. Using Orchestrator, I am able to select a system, go to Actions -> Drive Encryption -> View Users and see all users added by either technique.


      If I just navigate in Orchestrator to System Tree, I can see all the systems that I can see navigating to Encryption Users, but not all the users that show under Actions -> Drive Encryption -> View Users. I presume these are the same systems? But the users are different for these approaches, one group apparently not being encryption users.

      What I have not found a way to do is to list Encryption Users via the web API. I am doing this in a C# winform application, and successfully assigning users because they do show up under Actions -> Drive Encryption -> View Users. How can I pull them out using the API?

      Help appreciated!