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    BSOD caused while installing Patch 5


      Dear All,


      I am observing BSOD while Patch 5 install on random machines. BSOD caused due to 'mfeaaca.dll' which is inherited from HF929019 to support Threat Intelligence Exchange.


      Is anyone experiencing same issue?




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          We have had a few reports of BSOD occurrences after installing Patch 5, but none of which cite mfeaaca.dll.

          Am curious how you've identified mfeaaca.dll as a culprit.


          Whatever the case, you should ensure the system is configured to save a full/complete dump so that when the crash occurs a dump file is saved, and that file can be shared with our Support team.

          Because, if it occurs with HF929019, it probably occurs with Patch 5 also.