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    MOVE 3.6 agentless redundancy


      I am testing a MOVE environment and I was curious if anyone had experience with this product in a production environment.  What happens if the SVA goes offline or is overloaded with requests?  Does anyone have any general guidelines for how many VMs an SVA can handle?

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          From our Move FAQ https://kb.mcafee.com/agent/index?page=content&id=KB83964&actp=null&viewlocale=e n_US&showDraft=false&platinum_status=fal…


          (This references MOVE multiplatform but I believe the function is the same for Agentless if it goes offline. However, if the SVA becomes overloaded I think a performance issue on the clients will be noticed.)

          What happens when a MOVE Multi-Platform SVA Manager becomes unavailable?

          Any client that has an Offload Scan Server (OSS) IP Address will continue to use it while the SVA Manager is offline. Under this condition, when the client cannot reach an OSS for any reason, it will fail open and allow access.


          How many clients can be supported in a VDI environment with a single Agentless SVA (with default settings)?

          This depends on the load on the client VMs. Under normal load conditions, 200 clients per SVA is the standard recommendation. Under extreme load conditions, SVA supports fewer clients.