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    VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.05001 is not uninstalling Sophos


      I am starting to build and test Mcafee as a possible replacement for my current Enterprise Endpoint virus scanning solution.  One of the key features that we like about the product was its ability to find and uninstall other viruscan products before installing the VirusScan product.  I have the client set to install but when it does it fails to remove the Sophos Suite (Anti-Virus, AutoUpdate, Remote Management System) 10.3.13 from the endpoint.


      After doing some cursory investigation, I see that the Uninst.ini file is what drives these uninstalls.  However, when I open the file and look at the entry for Sophos 6.x plus removal, the entry for the uninstall string has the incorrect product GUID.  I tried to modify the .ini manually with the correct information, but when I do that the client fails with "failed to verify uninst.ini" errors.


      Am I going about this the wrong way?  Is there a better place to modify the Uninstall list?  Perhaps in the Enterprise console?


      Thank you for any help.