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    Forgot McAfee N-450 Password


      So I booted my N-450 security appliance up and come to realize I forgot the password. According to McAfee you have to go through a process of reinstalling the software. Anyways, I got on the ftp site (https://menshen1.intruvert.com/image/netboot_N450/) and downloaded the "netboot_6.1_N450_v1.tgz" which contains "netboot-N450.cfg", "sitera", "vmlinux.netboot", "vxSecondary"


      Anyways, I went ahead and followed the intructinos of breaking the boot process and I was in "boot>" I went ahead assigned an IP address "ifconfig -i gmac1 -a -g -n" then I was confirmed that the IP has been set. Then I pointed the netboot file that is in our TFTP server. "netboot -o -s -f netboot-N450.cfg" and I get the below error. What's going on?


      $0 :0x0000000000000000 0xffffffff8c211fe0 0xffffffff8c213fe0 0xffffffff8c215fe0
      $4 :0xffffffff8c217fe0 0xffffffff8c219fe0 0xffffffff8c21bfe0 0xffffffff8c21dfe0
      $8 :0xffffffff8c21ffe0 0xffffffff8c221fe0 0xffffffff8c223fe0 0xffffffff8c225fe0
      $12 :0xffffffff8c227fe0 0xffffffff8c229fe0 0xffffffff8c22bfe0 0xffffffff8c22dfe0
      $16 :0xffffffff8c22ffe0 0xffffffff8c231fe0 0xffffffff8c233fe0 0xffffffff8c235fe0
      $20 :0xffffffff8c237fe0 0xffffffff8c239fe0 0xffffffff8c23bfe0 0xffffffff8c23dfe0
      $24 :0xffffffff8c23ffe0 0xffffffff8c241fe0 0xffffffff8c202000 0xffffffff8c204000
      $28 :0xffffffff8c206000 0xffffffff8c208000 0xffffffff8c20a000 0xffffffff8c20c000
      Hi : 0xffffffff8c210000
      Lo : 0xffffffff8c212000
      epc : 0xffffffff8c218000
      Status: 0xffffffff8c20e000
      Cause : 0xffffffff8c216000
      Caught reserved exception 0 - should not happen.