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    Recurrent issue: Artemis!B88826F58110, Artemis!A90EEF82DCFA, Artemis!8CB3C7E627AD


      It's been 2 months now that my McAfee Antivirus Scan finds troyan files with a name always staring as Artemis! in set of 3 at the same time (date and hour) which are located in different folders. So far i have deleted the files manually, but I'm begining to think that there is something really wrong with my laptop.


      Can anyone please help me to solve this issues for good?

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                             Under your Profile it says 'TPS' which is normally a Enterprise Product. Your issues can be handled in various ways. If the Security Solution is a 'Consumer Version' you can follow these Guidelines/Instructions

            What To Do When McAfee Detects Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & Appeal


                              Keep in mind that each detection has to be submitted individually. Maximum size of files for each are 10mbs. If your Product is Corporate, you can use the following Link for submission:Submit a Virus or Malware Sample | McAfee Labs


                               If you choose to use the 'Getsusp' application, please make certain that you enter your Email Address under 'Preferences' before scanning.


                               In addition, you may try running the latest McAfee Stinger( Read how to use), followed by Malwarebytes (Free). To keep Malwarebytes free, follow the instructions before downloading/Installing. These (Free) Superb Tools can be obtained from the following Link Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


            Kindly post back your results...


            All the Best


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              An Artemis detection, is one that comes from our cloud technology. Meaning the product did a "look up", of that particular file, and found it to be flagged as malicious in our database.  When it's "convicted", it will come back with the name "Artemis!<first few characters of the MD5 hash>"


              The detection name, can't really be mapped to a particular family.  I've quickly looked at these three files, and they all appear to be related to different types of "PUPs".  (Potentially Unwanted Programs), and possibly actual malicious downloader type of technologies.


              In the end, it is good that these have been detected and removed.  The remaining problem, is what keeps putting them back onto the system.  That could be a behavior of yours, (downloading something that leads to these) or perhaps a function of the program to "update" itself when files are found to be missing.


              You would probably want to seek help in eradicating your laptop completely.  There are plenty of experts on the forum here that can make recommendations.    The first one I will start with, is to run our Stinger program.  (Stinger.mcafee.com)  I'll then ask the other moderators to assist with other recommendations as they see fit.


              - David

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