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    SVA Registration - Critical error. Downloading epo init files failed


      Hello Experts,


      I am getting a "Critical Error. Downloading ePO init files failed" error while Registering SVA with McAfee ePO. I have read other forums where the issue was DNS related, or they fixed the issue by deleting the VM and rebuilding it. We have attempted both of these recommendations but still have an issue registering our SVA's with ePO. We have successfully installed 3 SVA's from the same network previously, but now we cannot seem to get past this error. We have checked FW settings and are able to telnet to the ePO server from the SVA systems using the designated ports with no problems, so I'm confused on why the SVA cannot download the files.


      Any ideas or advise for us to get past this issue?




      SVA error.jpg